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About Us

The Chronic is a brand new and locally owned dispensary, conveniently located on SE Commercial Street in Salem, Oregon. Our aim is to provide the best quality product for the best price. We take pride in offering top-quality cannabis and cannabis-related products, creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our customers. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned connoisseur, The Chronic on Commercial has something for everyone.

Hand-painted mural with "Chronic" and other elements
Marijuana Leaf
Drops Gummies Display
Flower and Joint
Entourage Display
Smoking Joint
Nelson & Co. Display
Focus North Rosin Display


Logo for Benson Arbor
Logo for Focus North
Logo for Eugreen
Logo for Herbal Dynamics
Logo for LUVLI
Logo for Urban Canna
Logo for Trichome Farms
Logo for High Noon Cultivation
Logo for Nelson & Co.
Logo for Doghouse
Logo for Pintail
Logo for Echo Electuary
Logo for Bo's Nose Knows
Logo for Out Cold
Logo for Lofty Farms
Logo for Verdant Leaf
Logo for White Label
Logo for Buddies
Logo for Pangea
Logo for Gron
Logo for Drops
Logo for Farmer's Friend FFE
Logo for Entourage
Logo for SDK
Logo for Angel
Logo for Mule Extracts
Logo for Crop Circle Chocolate


3024 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302, USA

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